The first I knew that there were rooks here today was when I heard them from the kitchen as they flew noisily out of the rookery and towards the back fields. They hadn’t roosted but they had arrived once the rain had stopped at about ten. Once the rain had stopped, blue sky appeared and we enjoyed a lovely winter’s day, albeit with the occasional shower.

Around midday a number of rooks returned from the western fields to the rookery, each new arrival greeted with caws and occasional soaring and circling around.

I went out and photographed the remaining nests. For a colony where there were at least 70 pairs last year the autumn and early winter have taken their toll.

The few surviving “nests”

At 4.30 p.m. there was plenty of noise as the roost, as I thought, arrived. Jackdaws were heard amongst the 300 or so rooks. But after a good bit of circling around they left to roost elsewhere.