There were 109 jackdaws with the rooks in the roost last night, at least that’s how many I counted in but there may have been a few in there before I started.

Rooks are roosting regularly now and usually there are some jackdaws present too. There are about 200 rooks hanging around the rookery and feeding on and off in the neeps field. The neeps are favourite just before going to roost.

I had the opportunity to check through some jackdaws late afternoon the other day as they fed in the field that’s now rather bare of neeps, they’ve been fed to the cattle. All were of the local race though, some were much brighter than others, I’m guessing the duller ones are 2cys.

Louise reported that rooks were carrying sticks today, the beginnings of nest building. The colony will have a lot to do, the winds of last winter decimated the rookery and there was only one large clump and a small one remaining.