2017 Orkney Rookeries

Rookery OS Ref Count AONs Notes
Old Nisthouse, Harray HY310197 52 (11/04/2017)

55 (16/04/2017)

56 (22/04/2017)

Documented history OBR 2010. Declining – 71 in 2010, 61 in 2015 and 2016.
The Manse, Harray HY323177 79 (14/04/2017) New rookery, this is the third year? Stable – 80 in 2016.
Hybreck, Harray HY314148 8 (13/04/2017)



New rookery, history?


Recount from the garden.

Binscarth, Firth HY347140 39 (14/04/2017)




This rookery seems to have moved, I recall it being in the main part of Binscarth (to the east) previously, now in a line of trees just to the east of Binscarth Farm. Looks to me as if this rookery has become much smaller. Moved and declined. (Moved in 2011.)

Recount 27/04/2017.

Heddle Rd (Stenaday) HY358138 87 (14/04/2017)




All on Heddle Rd this year, none in Finstown by the kirk on the main road where I think they have nested in the past, (HY358139).
Heddle Rd / A965 junction east side HY36018 13759 4


See above, may have nested here in the past, did nest the other side of the junction, to the west, by the kirk last year (and previously?).
Stromness (Hillside Rd) HY25662 09889 35 (14/04/2017) A new rookery established in recent years I believe – history?
Stromness (Fire station) HY25641 09689


17 (14/04/2017) Arguably one colony with Hillside Rd.
Stromness (Town) HY25538 09433 northern extremity to HY25152 09015 in south 85 (14/04/2017) From beginning of Back Rd in the north to south of the Springfield Crescent car park. Possible that I’ve missed some in here and it would be sensible to walk through again counting.
The Willows, Kirkwall HY45245 10943 276 (16/04/2017)

271 (22/04/2017)


Adjust to 278, see notes.

A continuous rookery along the burn in Sycamore. (286 – 276 AF)

Count by Dawson Shearer, did not include the Papdale Primary School birds which AF did include in this count – 278 would seem to be the correct count.

Berstane Wood, St Ola HY 46877 10010 182


A split rookery in Sycamore, this OS for the 41 nests behind the houses, the remaining 141 were along the entrance drive up to the house.


Midland, Orphir HY328043 20 – 30 (15/04/2017)

137 (22/04/2017)

Photo and data from Helen Crabtree.


AF count. This rookery has been here for as long as the farmer has been there, “45 to 50 years”. Three counts 137 was the first which I think is the most accurate. No other rookeries in Orphir, all sites checked.

Woodwick House, Evie HY39102 24102 191 (17/04/2017) Two areas in the gardens of the house, by the house 68 nests, then down by the shore 123 (115 – 131).
Kirkwall Town HY450108 138




King Street – 38

Strynd – 26

Coplands Lane – 8

Watergate/Earls Palace – 56

Laverock Road/Broadsands Road – 10


Counted by Dawson Shearer. The 7 at Papdale Primary School were included in The Willows count by AF.


Papdale Woods, Kirkwall HY45640 10921 135 (21/04/2017) Counted by Dawson Shearer
Mill House, Tankerness HY51403 08570 0 (22/04/2017) All of Tankerness checked, no rookeries at 22/04/2017. However, birds were showing interest earlier in the year at the map reference given, Mill House and it is this area where rookeries were recorded in the past. Apparently nested here in each of the last ten years, per Ian Cunningham.
Graemeshall, Holm HY 487016 0 (22/04/2017) No rooks at Graemeshall.
Bu Farm, Hoy HY23614 04771 0


No rooks, the report that they were present probably caused by the number of Hooded Crows here, 26 and a hybrid.
Bu Cemetery, Hoy HY23525 04598 0


May have nested here in the past.