Old Nisthouse day-to-day rook data

Rook data, Old Nisthouse rookery



No of rooks





Relatively calm SW and sunny


Feeding in the neeps, sitting in rookery, cavorting around rookery


Jackdaws, 10; Common Gulls, 60


Windy W, cold, rain, overcast




Windy NW, cold, rain, overcast




Windy, W, rain


Flew through Shunan, 09.45, going W  No Jackdaws, 3 in the flock
 06-01-12  Calm with some sun a.m. c100  Hanging around the rookery  No
 07-01-12  Strong westerly with heavy showers throughout the day  0  No
 14-01-12  Calm, sunny, anti-cyclonic  250  Came into the rookery in the afternoon and stayed  Yes, 250 rooks roosted  No jackdaws in the roost and two ravens which came in to roost departed
 15-01-12  Calm and anti-cyclonic, light cloud initially, cleared later  250  ?
21-01-12  Rain and wind to Force 8  0 No
 22-01-12  Rain til 10.00, calm. Showery later, heavier showers later p.m.  300  Some groups flying backwards and forwards from feeding to the rookery during the day. 300 rooks with jackdaws came in at 4.30 p.m. but did not roost  No  Jackdaws with the rooks p.m. Three Hoodies hanging around the rookery mid p.m.
28-01-12  Calm and sunny at times 315  Feeding in the fields, flew out to Binscarth at 4.30pm  No
 04-02-12  Rain all day with wind to f6  200  Feeding in the back fields which were covered in slurry 02-02-12  No
09-02-12  Rain in the afternoon brightening for dusk  200  Came in at 17:30  Yes  Just rooks, no jackdaws
 10-02-12  Windy a.m. calming. Rain p.m stopping at about 16:00  300  Came in at 17:00 Yes  42 jackdaws came in high from the south. Birds then went back out to the west fields for a few minutes before coming in and settling.
 25-02-12  ? 100+ ?  Awoke at 06:30 on 26-02-12  Yes  No jackdaws
 03-03-12  Strong, cold easterly for much of the day, not much rain.  200 around and in the roost  Going to roost at about 18:00  Yes  109 jackdaws in the roost yesterday and certainly some today.
 18-03-12  Westerly, easing later  200 and at least 50 0r so Jackdaws  Yes  Rooks now roosting each night regardless of the weather

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