Rooks and jackdaws roosting

Rooks were around the rookery on Christmas day and roosted that night. There was occasional roosting into the New Year. New Year’s morn Jackdaws, in some numbers, were heard leaving the roost, Rooks were not thought to have roosted that night.

Over Christmas one adult Rook was hanging around the steading and was still present on New Year’s Day, it was not too well.

Lots of activity

Rooks have been very busy collecting sticks over the last two fine days with plenty of birds to and fro with sticks. Stick collecting and building has also been reported from Berstane, Heddle Rd and Stromness. I saw a single bird with a stick in Kirkwall today as well. I haven’t checked the colony opposite the Harray Hall but saw Rooks there at the weekend so I expect they will now be building.

Data on first stick collection and nest numbers is on the 2014 page.